Research of local compression concrete reinforced by steel fibres

  • Mindaugas Augonis
  • Valerijus Keras
  • Nerijus Adamukaitis
  • Eglė Vaitekūnaitė
Keywords: concrete, local compression, steel fibres, mode of fracture


The investigation wasperformed for estimation of influence of steel fibers to local compression ofconcrete. Evaluation the fact that the reinforced concrete structures quite alot could be loaded by local impact, the research of local zone strengtheningwith steel fibers were performed. It is known that the state of stress andstrain in local zone of concrete loaded by concentrated forces is quitedifficult. For that reason the experiments carried out to obtain the mainparameters of local zone described by design standards and the results werecompared with theoretical. There are investigated the stress-strain mode offracture, increasing of local compression strength and the influence of fibers content.