Influence of recycled concrete dust on the properties of self-compacting concrete (SCC)

Ernestas Ivanauskas, Mantas Lazauskas, Paulius Grigaliūnas


According to tests results we can conclude that it is possible to reduce cement amount in the concrete up to 30 % by changing it with recycled concrete dust. The best results may be achieved reducing 10 % cement amount by non-grinded and grinded concrete dust. In this case concrete compressive strength is even higher in comparison with control composition. Using 10 % of concrete dust leads to lower exothermic temperatures in cement stone and lower relative shrinkage deformations. It is possible to presume, that cement replacement by concrete dust with 10 % may even improve concrete mechanical and longevity properties and dust usage even up to 30 % does no damage to these properties. It could be environmentally attractive technology which could save money by reducing natural resources demand.



self-compacting concrete (SCC); crushed concrete; concrete dust; rheology; durability

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Print ISSN: 2029–9990
Online ISSN: 2335–2000