Peculiarities of digital levelling using automatic digital levels in civil engineering

Donatas Rekus, Vilma Kriaučiūnaite-Neklejonoviene


Construction work starts and finishes with geodetic measurements, therefore geodetic measurements and labeling are the most important components of mounting and installation work in constructions and deformation observations. Modern constructions are distinguished by the size of construction objects, complexity of engineering structures and high precision of connectors and nodes of structural elements. These peculiarities and highly increased mechanization level caused changes in construction technology and character of engineering equipment of construction objects. Demand for precision has greatly increased. To reach a high precision of measurements, digital geodetic instruments are used. Large part of geodetic work in constructions is composed of leveling. This work contains investigations of leveling errors of digital levels. Changes in leveling methodology and sources of specific errors occur using digital levels for precise leveling. These changes can affect construction-engineering measurements. Precision investigations of a particular model of levels and coded staffs and digital leveling are necessary. Digital investigations of technical, geometrical and methodological parameters of instruments are also needed. The scope of this work includes resorting to digital automatic levels and impact of their accuracy on deformation and construction measurements.



Coded staff, digital leveling, leveling error

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Print ISSN: 2029–9990
Online ISSN: 2335–2000