Investigation of Sand Behaviour under Cyclic Loading

  • Siddeshwaran Parthiban
  • Gediminas Stelmokaitis
  • Viktoras Doroševas Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Department of Buildings Structures
Keywords: behaviour, cyclic load, compressibility, sand, soil, strength


Understanding the behaviour of sandy soil under cyclic loading is very important to engineers in mining, tunnelling and high rise construction. Due to the very complex structure of a soil mass, it is very difficult to describe its constitutive relation, especially when it has different water contents and is under dynamic load conditions.

Two different well graded sands are being characterized and studied under static and dynamic loading and settlement studies are also performed on model footing being loaded on these sand samples. Frequency response of sands are also studied using shaking table subjected to frequency range of 10 – 50 Hz and determined it’s influence to strength parameters of soil.

This paper endeavours to present a new novel approach for studying behaviour of sands under cyclic loading.