Analysis of the Criteria for Selecting Heating Systems for Residential Buildings in Cold Climate

Eugenijus Perednis, Rokas Valancius, Jurgita Cerneckienė, Laura Stasiuliene, Juozas Vaiciunas


How to choose a heating system for a residential building? That is an important question for builders and owners of the buildings in Lithuania. The heating season in Lithuania starts by October 15th and ends on April 15th. During this period, the average outdoor air temperature is about 0°C. Many of the new single-family buildings in Lithuania are sold not completed as the new owners want to be free in choosing interior materials and engineering equipment. For this reason, many engineering decisions must be taken by the owner of the building, who is usually not a professional in the field of engineering.

When choosing a heat source, it is always necessary to distinguish between many "for" and "against" arguments. Every heating option has both advantages and disadvantages. There is also a striking balance: the same heating method can never be either very comfortable and at the same time very cheap. When making a final decision, it is always recommended to compare the ratio of heat to the price and comfort, of course, taking into account energy and fuel price forecasts.

The article provides information that helps the building owner to navigate in the field of different engineering solutions that affect the future maintenance costs, efficiency, environmental aspects and comfort level of the building.



residential building, heating system, energy prices

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Print ISSN: 2029–9990
Online ISSN: 2335–2000