Parametric Architecture Today and Tomorrow

  • Vytautas Baltus Kaunas University of Technology
  • Laura Jankauskaitė-Jurevičienė
  • Tadas Žebrauskas
Keywords: parametric design, architecture, urban


In the past fifteen years avant-garde architectural practice has been developing in the field of parametric design at the phenomenal speed. This success can be attributed to the development of advanced computer software, previously used for animation and rendering. The parametric design method uses advanced computer scripts which transforms mathematic algorithms of relations between parameters into creations of complex geometries, which were almost impossible to produce and even imagine without it.
Question remains will these mathematical equations inputed thru scripting language as algorithms will add additional value to the design, or traditional, intuitive way of designing still can be relevant enough in 21st century. There are doubts that without deep intellectual background parametric design process can play for the play’s sake with the shapes of objects, buildings and urban structures.

Author Biography

Vytautas Baltus, Kaunas University of Technology
lecturer, architect