Thermal Properties of Insulation Boards Made of Tree Bark & Hemp Residues

  • Konstantinos Ninikas University of Thessaly
  • George Ntalos University of Thessaly
  • Nicholas Hytiris Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Michalis Skarvelis University of Thessaly
Keywords: Thermal insulation properties, waste to energy, wood by-products, tree bark, Cannabis residues.


Two disparate waste materials were mixed to identify the likelihood of constructing insulation boards. Treebark and Hemp (cannabis) residues were combined in different proportions and with two dissimilar typesof glue. The thermal conductivity (λ) for all boards was measured. Diverse methods of processing the finalboards demonstrated altered thermal properties based also on the different density (low and medium).The results have validated the possibility of exploiting local waste materials to produce an eco-friendly,low priced insulation product with competitive (λ) compared to the market products. All materials werecollected within a small range to the laboratory (< 100 km). The energy requirements and the carbonfootprint of these boards were kept low compared to traditional chemical insulation materials.