Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Fluorescent Waste Glass and Coal/Wood Ash Concrete Wastes

  • Patricija KARA Riga Technical University
  • Aleksandrs KORJAKINS Riga Technical University
Keywords: fluorescent waste glass suspension, coal/wood ash, recycled concrete aggregate waste


Consumption of natural aggregate as the largest concrete component is constantly and rapidly increasing with the increase in the production and utilization of concrete. Recycled aggregate is a valuable resource as replacement for virgin aggregate in concrete. In present study is investigated the approach of optimized utilization of concrete aggregate wastes (CAW) in concrete. The produced concrete cube specimens with fluorescent waste glass powder/suspension and fly/wood ash after determination of their mechanical properties are recycled and used as partial replacement of natural aggregates in recycled aggregate concrete (RAC). Therefore, it helps to convert waste product with determined properties into recourse and potentially to reduce the amount of waste disposed and preserve natural resources. The mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete are discussed from the point of the potential of its utilization in structural concrete.