Effects of Interaction of Static Load and Frost on Damage Mechanism of Concrete Elements

  • Marta KOSIOR-KAZBERUK Bialystok University of Technology
Keywords: concrete, cyclic freezing and thawing, scaling, bending, fracture mechanics, interaction


Frost damage is typical material deterioration in concrete structures subjected to external environmental conditions. However, the weather conditions do not make the sufficient factor causing the worsening of the concrete properties. Concrete structures with frost damage in service are subjected to loadings. The investigation was carried out with the primary objective to assess the influence of interaction of mechanical load and freeze-thaw cycles on damage process of concrete. The salt scaling process was observed for beam specimens subjected to cyclic freezing and thawing in third-point loading condition. The damage development due to internal cracking was monitored using fracture mechanics parameters.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.sace.1.1.2616