Investigation of Physical and Chemical Properties of Low-temperature Hydraulic Binder from Latvia’s Raw Materials

Inta Barbane, Inta Vitina, Lauma Lindina, Linda Krage


A necessity of compatible material to historical romancement for restoration needs has led to research of artificially made binders from mixtures of clay and dolomite. Low temperature hydraulic binder or so called dolomitic romancement synthesis of mixture composed from local Quaternary period clay and dolomite (both in powder state) in mass ratio 24:76 is discussed in this paper. The chemical composition of the raw materials was analyzed. Specimens were prepared by homogenizing the mixture of requisite amounts of clay and dolomite in dry state and shaping samples measuring 56x26x6 mm by semidry pressing. After firing at temperatures between 650 and 1050°C crystalline phases formed in samples were determined by XRD. Afterwards, water was added to the samples and formation of new crystalline phases was detected in the period of 28 days. Natural dolomitic marl was treated at the same conditions in order to compare the crystalline phases formed in naturally and artificially made binders.



clay; compatibility; crystalline phases; dolomite; low-temperature binder

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Print ISSN: 2029–9990
Online ISSN: 2335–2000