Design and Analysis of Technical Fabric - Confined Sand Wall Under Dynamical Impact Load

  • Lazazi Menaa University of Medea
  • Ali Bouafia University of Blida
  • A/K Cherifi USTHB University
Keywords: Bearing wall, dynamic load, impact load, technical textile, confined sand, protection structure


Abstract: Confining granular materials still a very benefic practice to achieve civil different engineering works. In this paper, the design and analysis of a wall shaped structure made of technical fabric-confined sand will be exposed. This composite structure, made of local materials, where, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) technical fabric constitutes a containing envelope and sand a filler material.

Designed wall represents a good sustainable development project (idea) to build single story buildings in hot and humid inaccessible areas (Sahara); alternatively, it may provide many other geotechnical applications as retaining walls etc.

An experimental campaign to identify the mechanical and physical properties of the studied structure was conducted. Earlier, and not exposed here, a design and analysis of a 1/5 scale model is achieved to evaluate a bearing ability of the wall under vertical compressive and horizontal flexural loads is done. Test to evaluate energy dissipative power of the wall under impact has been also conducted and discussed.