Social Housing for Rent in Poland in the Beginning of the 21st Century. Analysis of Chosen Concepts

  • Andrzej Tokajuk Bialystok University of Technology
Keywords: architecture, social housing, urban concept, housing standard, Bialystok


The period of economic transformation in Poland started from 1989 and resulted in significant changes on the housing market. Flats became goods and process of privatizing of the housing market took place in last decade of the 20th century. It became clear, that it was necessary to create the system of housing for the people who cannot afford to buy the flat on free market. Such solutions were implemented in 1995 and since then affordable housing associations started coming into existence – organizations building flats for rent, supported by city and government budget. Large complex of such housing for rent was built in Bialystok, the major city of north-eastern Poland, and it is regarded as one of the biggest in the country. The purpose of author’s study is characteristics of the contemporary social housing for rent in Bialystok, as good example of that kind of housing realized in Poland.