Landscape Protection and Management Guidelines for Roads: Problems and Amendments for Lithuanian Legal Acts

  • Irina Matijosaitiene Kaunas University of Technology Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture Department of Architecture and Land Management
  • Ona Samuchovienė Joint Stock Company “Infraplanas”
Keywords: legal act, legislation, road, road landscape


In 2011 the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania ordered to prepare the “Landscape protection and management guidelines for roads and railways”. Integration of the trends of the politics of Lithuanian Republic and the requirements of legislation, which is related to landscape protection and management, into the road development system is only a part of all the tasks of these guidelines. This part, including the analysis of Lithuanian legal acts, identification of their problems and proposal of amendments, is presented in this paper. As a result, the amendments were proposed for Lithuanian legal acts regarding the road landscape evaluation methodology, visual impact of roads on the environment, road signs, advertising regulation and planting near the roads.