Architecture as a Second Nature

  • Amal Wasfi University of British Columbia
Keywords: Ecological approach, biomimicry, sustainable architecture, passive architecture, interactive architecture


The paper suggests a new sustainable approach of building design. This approach makes architecture welded into nature. It functions in the same way as ecologies. The functional concepts in the fields of biology and ecology are used to suggest the techniques to create a new architecture. Mimicking the organism systems and processes in nature using new cybernetic technology are the new techniques for “bio- interactive buildings”. The resulting “Modern Ecologies” based on a “second nature” unify the natural and the artificial into one entity. This ecology would be a continual dynamic relationship between matter, energy, and information in a specific medium (environment). It would be hard to separate what is life and what is matter. These smart buildings, in some ways, would "come alive".


Author Biography

Amal Wasfi, University of British Columbia