Recycling of Glass Wastes in Latvia – Its Application as Cement Substitute in Self-Compacting Concrete

  • Patricija Kara Riga Technical University
Keywords: glass wastes, SCC


The rate of treated waste glass within the last 10 years has risen up to 25% due to improved waste glass collecting system in Latvia, however the glass waste recycling infrastructure is still up to date issue due to absence of local recycling companies. Application of glass wastes as cement substitute has significant effect on the properties of concrete making it eco-friendly construction material with several benefits like: decrease of accumulated glass wastes in landfills, the reduction of non-renewable natural resource consumption, the reduction of cement content up to 20-30% and the reduction of greenhouse gas emission. In the present investigation was evaluated the effectiveness of ground soda-alkaline earth-silicate glass coming from low pressure mercury-discharge lamp waste chips, borosilicate glass coming from incandescent light bulb waste chips, soda-lime glass cullet coming from beverage containers on workability, compressive strength and frost resistance of self-compacting concrete.