Identity Features of Spatial Structure in Small Cities, Towns and Villages in Dzūkija

  • Ingrinda Povilaitienė Kaunas University of Technology
  • Justina Mačiukėnaitė Kaunas University of Technology
Keywords: identity, spatial structure, settlements, urban development


The identity issue of small Lithuanian cities, towns and villages is very relevant nowadays. The importance of the need to reveal valuable and unique territories in the largest Lithuanian cities has already arisen. However identity of spatial structure (despite the cultural heritage) is forgotten in small cities and towns. By discussing about peculiarities and exploring them just in the big cities, it is forgotten, that there are just few of them in Lithuania. Therefore the whole identity of the country cannot be determined just by the biggest ones – small settlements are the foundation of the Lithuanian identity. Due to this, the exceptional attention should be paid on them and their spatial structure.

The research results of spatial structure in Dzūkija’s small cities, towns and villages will be presented in this article. Also the examples of settlements with different spatial structure will be revealed, by systematizing, comparing and summarizing data, which was collected from the literature and the site researches.