Cultural Differences in Landscape Perception

  • Irina Matijosaitiene Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Department of Architecture and Urbanism
  • Okyay Ucan Nigde University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science
  • Armenui Minasyan Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, Faculty of Philology, Department of Linguistics
Keywords: aesthetic, culture, hedonomic, landscape, road


Novelty of the research presented in this paper is highlighted by the fact that first time the road landscape perception of the representatives of cultures of the post-Soviet countries was compared: Lithuanian, Armenian, Russian, adding to them Turkish, Arabian and African cultures. Sociological survey based on the assessment of road landscape views according to 7-rank semantic differential scale was conducted to the respondents of all six cultures. Linear regression analysis let us build a regression model of the hedonomic road landscape for each culture. The results demonstrate quite considerable differences in landscape perception by the Turkish, Arabian and especially African respondents comparing them to the Lithuanian, Armenian and Russian cultures. While landscape perception of the Lithuanians, Armenians and Russians also differs from each other in the group of the analysed post-Soviet cultures. The most contrast and different results are derived from the analysis of African culture.