Old Town’s Urban Transformation and Immovable Cultural Heritage in Cityscape

  • Rimvydas Gaudėšius
Keywords: urban transformation, immovable cultural heritage, cityscape, environmental management


Towns are being explored by scientists of various disciplines, as various interests and processes influencing one another intertwine in this live structure.  Structure of towns constantly changes, i.e. old urban formations are replaced and supplemented with new ones under favourable economic conditions also all of them may be destroyed physically or by nature cataclysms. Such changes (transformations) change previous structure of towns, cityscape even totally new shape may be assumed.

All towns are different and oddly unique as different utopian ideas of philosophers, artists and engineers had great influence on origin and structure of towns.  However, not all of us assess this remained immovable heritage, which reflects culture of appropriate civilisations, equally.

Ideologies of different stages about urban planning and correspondence of such utopian thoughts in the structure of modern-day old town were analysed in this scientific article. Urban transformations that took place and influence of remained immovable cultural heritage on cityscape were reviewed.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.sace.10.1.9175