Vol 4, No 5 (2013)

Table of Contents


Relevance and Extent of Ecological Architecture PDF
Indrė Gražulevičiūtė Vileniškė 3-5
The Inheritance of the Soviet Period: should It be Evaluated? PDF
Evaldas Ramanauskas, Liucijus Dringelis 6-12
Attempts and Methods for Revitalizing the Centers of Small Localities. Selected Examples PDF
Katarzyna Hodor, Julia Klimek 13-17
The Memorial Museum of Jewish Culture in Prague. An Example of Urban Regeneration PDF
Chizzoniti Domenico, Cattani Letizia, Noviello Matteo, Preis Luca, Preta Gaia 18-26
The Impact of the Specific Elements of Globalization on the Spatial Structure of Lithuanian Towns and their Valuation PDF
Giedrė Gudzinevičiūtė Vilkelė, Evaldas Ramanauskas 27-32
The Role of the River in the City Centre and its Identity PDF
Justina Maciukenaite, Ingrida Povilaitienė 33-41
Multifunctional Riverside Buffer Parks – the Research on Nature-Urban Revitalisation of River Valleys PDF
Anna Januchta Szostak 42-50
Water Designing for Sustainability, Purity and Comfort PDF
Niki Manou Andreadis, Maria Milona 51-56
Agricultural Land into the City: 5 Environmentally Sustainable Ecological Parks PDF
Simona Basilico, Patricio Eduardo Enriquez, Massimiliano Bevacqua, Fabio Villa 57-66
Lightweight Concrete with Aggregates Made by Using Industrial Waste PDF
Diana Bajare, Janis Kazjonovs, Aleksandrs Korjakins 67-73

Print ISSN: 2029–9990
Online ISSN: 2335–2000