Improving Occupant’s Satisfaction and Productivity in Sustainable Building Design


  • Ayşe Müge Öz Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University
  • Sema Ergönül Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University



indoor environmental quality, satisfaction, LEED, office buildings, health


Indoor environmental quality in green buildings is generally assumed as superior to conventional buildings.The reason of this assumption stems from prerequisites in indoor enviromental quality credits in LEED, BREEAM and other green building certificates.But there is a need for a look from the viewpoint of green building occupants. Quality in lighting, air, acoustics,thermal environment and other environmental aspects must be in accordance with competences for green building certification,furthermore they must be in accordance with occupant expectations. Green buildings must provide a productive workplace for it’s occupants but it’s not possible without occupants satisfaction and comfort. This paper presents the findings of the literature research about occupant satisfaction,health and productivity in green buildings-particularly in offices and the survey results which is administered in a LEED EBOM certified office building in Istanbul. Two questionnaires are carried out within the context of the study; one is before and the other is after the building gets the LEED certification. The study shows that having a LEED certificate doesn’t guarantee the maximum employee satisfaction  Analysis of the research findings indicate that, green buildings must be designed ,renovated and operated considering not only energy and material regulations but also indoor environmental issues that the occupants could face.