Productivity analysis of concrete slab construction by using different types of formwork


  • Mindaugas Daukšys
  • Gintas Brazas
  • Jolanta Šadauskienė
  • Mindaugas Augonis
  • Šarūnas Kelpša



SKYDECK panel slab formwork, MULTIFLEX girder slab formwork, UNIPORTAL tableforms, pairwise evaluation, TOPSIS


In this article the influence of the panel slab, girder slab formwork and tableforms to the effectiveness of solid concrete slab construction works of multi-storey buildings is investigated. The object of investigation is 22-storey high-rise commercial residential building. The effectiveness of solid concrete slab construction works and selecting the formwork system was evaluated taking account of quality requirements, equipment ability, demand of time and labour i.e. complexity of assembling technology, universality of operation and other. Three options of PERI formwork systems were selected for investigation: SKYDECK panel slab aluminium formworks, MULTIFLEX girder slab formworks and UNIPORTAL tableforms. The rating criteria were selected for the evaluation of the effectiveness of selected formwork systems. Using the pairwise evaluation method the following order of criteria importance was obtained: 17.3% – formwork rental price (K7), 16.3% – complexity of assembling technology (K3), 15.4% – machinery costs (K2), 13.9% – labour costs (K1), 13.0% –  required compressive strength of concrete before formwork demoulding (K5), 12.5% – formworks demoulding time, days (K6), 11.5% – reliability of suppliers (K4). The evaluation of formwork systems, as options, according to selected evaluation criteria, was performed by TOPSIS method and the results show that for the mounting of concrete slabs in the investigated building the rational option is to use SKYDECK panel slab aluminium formworks.


Author Biography

Mindaugas Daukšys

Kaunas University of Technology

Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Department of Civil Engineering Technologies