Exploring Post Occupancy Evaluation as a Sustainable Tool for Assessing Building Performance in Developing Countries


  • Aniebietabasi Ackley School of Architecture, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Edidiong Ukpong Department of Architecture, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Nigeria




building performance, post occupancy evaluation (POE) and sustainable tool


In recent years, the concept of post occupancy evaluation (POE) of building performance has attracted much attention globally, because of its benefits in enhancing future design decisions. However, developing countries give little or no concern to the practice of improving design outcomes using POEs. In Nigeria, buildings are rarely evaluated once they are handed over to the clients. This study explored the use of POE as a sustainable tool to evaluate building performance in developing countries with a case study of the Nigerian context. Using a systematic literature review, existing and current conceptual body of knowledge in peer-reviewed journals, electronic databases (Science Direct and Google Scholar), conference proceedings, and published articles were appraised; with specific focus to key issues of POE, such as; its definition, evolution, phases, levels, dimensions, application as a sustainable tool for building performance, and benefits. The study revealed that building occupants are a valuable source of information on building performance and POE serves the needs of the building users, and it is critical that the building should be evaluated from time to time to ensure that it is serving its intended purposes. Researchers also suggested that POE methods should be simple and building typology specific. It is suggested that POEs will be a vital tool in establishing best practices and lessons learned in delivering building performance evaluation in developing countries. Hence, the Education of professionals about the process of POE and the methods used, the education of clients by raising their awareness about the benefits of POE in sustaining building performance are suggested strategies for implementing POE in Nigeria and developing countries.