Haussmann Structural Floors Repairs and Strengthening Techniques


  • Rui Silva Cardoso University of Beira Interior



rehabilitation, Haussmann buildings, strengthening, structural characterization


Haussmann buildings architecture spread throughout the city of Paris. Those buildings were constructed in the 19th century, being now centenarians. However, they present several pathologies which prevent their adequate use, moreover, an update regarding users security, sound, thermal and fire requirements is, among others, urgently needed. Additionally, there is actually, in Paris, an increasing demand for hotel rooms. For those previous reasons, Hausmann buildings are nowadays submitted to heavy operations of use alterations, conservation, and rehabilitation.

In this paper, repair and strengthening techniques used in old timber and metallic floors and retaining a great amount of the original structure are introduced. This presentation is the result of several technical visits realized during a heavy rehabilitation operation which take place between 2015 and 2017 in a Haussmann building complex located at La Madeleine and is supported by pieces of information obtained from technical studies ordered in the design stage. The knowledge from this study could be very useful for the development of sustainable rehabilitation and strengthening techniques, aiming to preserve this important building heritage or similar ones existing in other countries.


Author Biography

Rui Silva Cardoso, University of Beira Interior

C-Made fellow researcher