Design Strategies for Healing Internal Environments and Workplaces. A Theoretical Framework


  • Ghada M. Younis university of mosul



healing environments, salutogenesis, biophilic architecture, anthroposophical healing, healthy city profiles


The purpose of this paper is to construct a theoretical framework for designing healing environments by drawing from existing research. The approach of the paper surveys the literature on how elements of the design have been brought to bear on healing. This effort leads to a holistic approach that considers multiple dimensions of healing as both an individual and social process. The findings of the paper are harnesses that knowledge to provide a theoretical framework based on three design strategies: 1) supporting strategies that use specific elements to reinforce physical health, vital life energy, and psychological well-being; 2) balancing strategies that are oriented toward harmonizing those elements; and 3) nourishing strategies that address emotions, spiritual life, and the soul. Originality, in summary, this paper traces efforts to harmonize individual human health with the built environment across time and uses related knowledge to crystallize a new theoretical framework. It is hoped that this survey of the literature may add to holistic and systemic understandings of healing environments.