Hardcore Brownfield Sites: The Case of the Chemicals and Fertilizers Factory (Lipasmata) in Drapetsona, Piraeus, Greece


  • Evgenia Tousi University of West Attica
  • Chernila Abigail
  • Pantochara Giatra
  • Christina Georgopoulou
  • Maria Gania
  • Eleni Mpalta
  • Konstantina Kapranou
  • Nataly Kotsianou
  • Stavroula Tsimpidi




hardcore brownfields, Piraeus, Greece


The paper presents the main findings of research focusing on hardcore brownfield sites in the post-industrial area of Drapetsona along Piraeus Port in Greece. The research took place from March 2022 to May 2022. The selected case study includes a derelict site of 640.000 m2 including both buildings and vacant land. Given the opening up of the economy of Piraeus to foreign investors, authors explore the potential of the site in the era of globalization with the view to put in the forefront community’s outlook. Research includes literature review and field work. It is important to mention that this research provides original material for an issue that is not fully covered in existing literature; the contemporary situation of the former Chemicals and Fertilizers Factory in Drapetsona, focusing on key-obstacles and positive attributes.   Field work includes quantitative and qualitative methods as well as direct observations. Authors used SPSS statistical software to process the selected data. Authors have also organized a workshop together with members of the local community (1st Technical High School EPAL Drapetsonas) to understand residents’ perspective on hardcore brownfield redevelopment. Findings from the workshop are presented in combination with quantitative data and results from direct observations. The paper concludes with recommendations for future application.