Communities’ Perspectives on Brownfield Redevelopment in Athens and Piraeus, Greece: Contributions to Green Blue Cities and Infrastructure


  • Abigail Chernila Fulbright Greece, University of West Attica
  • Evgenia Tousi
  • Athina Mela



brownfields, Greece, regeneration, sustainability, Piraeus


The prefecture of Piraeus in Greece is dotted with prior industrial sites that are currently abandoned. This paper addresses the ability of these sites to contribute to sustainable infrastructure and urban development through regeneration, by understanding the history of Piraeus, the environmental and social opportunities that may come from revitalization, and the communities’ needs within their municipalities. Additionally, the paper analyzes the European Union’s prior policies that have outlined the sustainable development of cities, and the role that the regeneration of brownfields in Greece may play in achieving these policy directives. To do this, the paper addresses the historical emergence of urban sustainability efforts and the funding mechanisms in place today that may be applicable to the case of Piraeus. Additionally, this research takes into account citizens’ perspectives on desired future land uses at currently abandoned land in the municipality of Piraeus through public surveys. The paper aims to contextualize future opportunities for the local environments and communities in Piraeus that may come from sustainable regeneration of brownfield sites.