Methods, Area Ratio and Plants of Biowall to Induce Atmospheric Comfort: A Review


  • Tri Susetyo Andadari Soegijapranata Catholic University
  • Prasasto Satwiko
  • L.M.F. Purwanto
  • Rudyanto Soesilo



biowall, area ratio, comfort, method, plant


Biowall is one of the several innovative strategies people use to build a comfortable interior atmosphere with living plants. This research attempts to trace the gaps in the previous analysis as a 'state of the art' with a literature review method by focusing on the biowall method, area ratio and types of plants. Biowall performance is mainly related to the influence of thermal, visual, audial, and respiratory comfort. It is an essential topic used to induce atmospheric interiors, such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, sound insulation and absorption, CO2, HCHO, VOC, and particulate levels. The results showed that the empirical methods used were actual scale-up and down experiments, laboratories in test chambers, simulation with specific software, and case research on in-situ biowall. The comparison between the biowall and room size varied significantly due to the absence of a legal basis and reasons. Ferns and succulents were the most widely used species to induce atmospheric comfort. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct further research on biowall physical comfort based on multisensory simultaneously and determine its standard dimension and digital integration. Subsequent researchers must further discuss home-scale biowall acceleration and utilization of food-medicinal plants.