Parametric Design of a High-Rise Habitation Unit System through Lighting and Solar Energy Performances


  • Vasiliki Sarvani University of Cyprus Department of Architecture
  • Odysseas Kontovourkis University of Cyprus Department of Architecture



Analysis, habitation unit system, lighting, parametric design, solar energy


This paper refers to the design and analysis of a high-rise habitation unit system that is developed based on lighting and solar energy performances. Our aim is to integrate geometrical and environmental criteria in a general design methodology providing possibilities of morphological and functional design exploration of the system and its units in the initial design stage. In order to achieve this, digital parametric design and bioclimatic analysis software are used. The processes of planning and analyzing are included within a broader feedback loop mechanism that cyclically iterates between design creation and verification of results according to given criteria. The bioclimatic analysis software is used to introduce local climatic data and to find the levels of solar energy within each unit. The parametric control of the entire system and each unit separately allows a number of results to emerge offering possibilities for exploration as well as for selection of solutions that satisfy those criteria in the best possible way. In parallel, decisions in regard to the desirable design configurations are derived and investigated further aiming to satisfy functional, aesthetical, and other needs through design capabilities and performances of the proposed system.