Building Façade System for Deconstruction


  • Omer S. Deniz Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Architecture
  • Ebru Dogan Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Architecture



Building Façade System, Deconstruction, Disassembly, Designing for Deconstruction, Recovery Potentia, Sustainability


Because of obsolescence and deterioration of Building Façade System (BFS), existing façade systems are increasingly being restructured or demolished. Such constructional interventions cause excessively resource consumption and waste generation, which have several environmental and ecological problems. These problems are required performing the sustainable environmental solutions. BFS for Deconstruction may give guarantees for careful dismantling of a BFS so as makes possible the recovery of BFS parts promoting reuse and recycling. In that respect, BFS for Deconstruction is an alternative to façade demolition in consequence of increasing environmental concerns and can be seen as a key for sustainable construction. The basis of this paper is to discuss the BFS for Deconstruction concept which deals with BFS that can be deconstructed and dismantled so as to recover as many parts as possible without leaving any debris on site. The paper is determined the reasons of restructuring and demolition of BFS. The design considerations of the BFS for Deconstruction are explained, and the best BFS organizations for deconstruction and the main recovery potentials of BFS parts are researched in this paper. Consequently, principle information for architects to understand and use BFS designing for Deconstruction is presented.