The stress’s state analysis of carbon fibre reinforced concrete elements evaluating the bond influence

Tadas Lisauskas, Mindaugas Augonis, Šarūnas Kelpša


While strengthening structures with thin layered elements an important role is carried out by the bond between separate elements, but there are not any methods which would describe the distribution of shear stress in the contact zone when the concrete works plastically. In this article a single span reinforced concrete beam which is strengthened by CFRP (Carbon fiber reinforced polymer) is analysed and three methods which could describe shear stress through the length of the element are provided. The three compared methods are: finite elements method (FEM), theory of multiple rods and the proposed method of the authors. The results are provided as diagrams and the similarities and differences are discussed. The method that the authors propose is superior to other methods because it describes the plastic work of a concrete which is not possible to evaluate with the method of the multiple rods theory


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Print ISSN: 2029–9990
Online ISSN: 2335–2000